Small Animal Services


We are a full-service animal hospital.

Here at Valley Veterinary Clinic, we strive to provide our clients with a wide array of services for both large and small animals. Using cutting edge diagnostic equipment to care for your pet, We provide care for every stage of a pet’s life including but not limited to the following.

Our small animal clinic offers:

  • Routine Wellness Exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Routine and Emergency Surgery
  • Dental Care
  • Digital Radiology
  • Ultrasonography
  • Class IV Therapeutic Laser
  • Full Pharmacy
  • In-House Laboratory Services
  • After Hours Emergency Services
  • Health Certificates
  • Ambulatory Services (wellness exams and vaccinations as well as at home euthanasia)
Routine Wellness Exams
Like you, your pet’s health needs to be monitored annually. We offer routine wellness exams so that we can make sure your pet is on the right track of health. This includes dental checks, weight, lifestyle assessment, and answering any questions you have. This is our chance, once a year, to go over your pet’s health in great detail.
Routine and Emergency Surgery

We know how stressful it can be when your pet is undergoing an operation. We’ll be there from start to finish. From providing instructions to the night before to morning prep, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, during the procedure, and sending home post-op care instructions for you. 

We proudly offer routine surgery like neuters and spays as well as emergency surgery when an unfortunate situation arises.

Digital Radiography

Modern technology allows us to treat your pet like never before. Not all illness or injuries can be seen by the naked eye – that’s where digital x-rays come into play. Digital X-rays are routinely used to diagnose and examine broken bones, obstructions, arthritis, masses, and tumors. We use digital X-rays to also confirm pregnancies or detect ingested objects.

Quicker diagnosis leads to quicker treatment.

Class IV Therapeutic Laser

Is your pet in pain? We can help. Cold laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. Cold laser therapy treats the surface of the skin, while hot laser treatments affect deeper tissues. This procedure is used to treat acute and chronic injuries, sprains and strains, arthritis, swelling due to back disc problems, and muscular-skeletal abnormalities, and helps to regenerate nerve tissue after surgery.

Full Pharmacy
When your pet needs medication, we’ll have you covered. We keep our in-house pharmacy stocked with the most popular and useful medicines, so that your pet doesn’t have to wait to get what they need. No hassle, we’re just here to make your life easier.
Did you know that many of the diseases and illnesses that can affect dogs and cats are preventable through proper pet vaccinations? There are a number of diseases that can afflict cats and dogs, but most pets can be protected from the worst of them if they are vaccinated properly. We vaccinate dogs against Distemper Virus, Hepatitis Virus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza Virus, and Canine Kennel Cough. On the other hand, cats are vaccinated against Panleucopenia Virus, Herpesvirus, Calicivirus, and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).
Dental Care

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease. Bad breath, a brownish plaque at the base of the teeth, excessive drooling, sore or bleeding gums when eating or chewing, and decreased appetite can all be signs that a pet’s teeth require attention.

Why is maintaining strong dental health so important? Getting started on a brushing and regular cleaning program not only assures that your pet’s mouth and teeth will remain in excellent condition, but will also help to prevent infections that can spread through the bloodstream to affect major organs such as your pet’s liver, kidneys, and heart.

Ultrasonography, or an ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging technique similar to radiography (X-rays) and is usually used in conjunction with radiography and other diagnostic measures. It allows visualization of the deep structures of the body.

Ultrasound can be used for a variety of purposes including examination of the animal’s heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bladder, etc. It can also be used to determine pregnancy and to monitor an ongoing pregnancy. Ultrasound can detect fluid, cysts, tumors or abscesses.

In-House Laboratory

Valley Veterinary Clinic is able to process a wide array of diagnostic laboratory tests with our in-house laboratory. Some of these tests include:

  • Complete blood chemistry (CBC)
  • Pet thyroid tests
  • Coagulation profiles
  • Feline leukemia testing
  • Lyme disease
  • Heartworm
  • Urinalysis
Health Certificates

When traveling with your pet(s), there may be animal health requirements specific to that destination. As soon as you know your travel details, contact your local veterinarian to assist with the pet travel process. Factors to consider may include meeting time frames for obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, diagnostic testing, or administration of medications/ treatments.

Compassionate care for the pets you love!


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