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Compassionate veterinary care since 1973.

Valley Veterinary Clinic was established in 1973 as a two doctor mixed animal veterinary hospital with the guiding principle to provide families with the very best in veterinary resources for all of their animals, large or small. For the past 40 years, Valley Veterinary Clinic has remained at the forefront of the veterinary community by providing highly skilled doctors with the latest medical equipment, offering a wide array of business hours and emergency after hours, and continuing to provide clients with affordable, quality, veterinary care. We believe that all clients should have dependable and affordable access to veterinary care for their animals.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Dustin Galbraith

Dr. Galbraith's Bio
Dr. Galbraith received his degree from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. His primary interests include mixed animal medicine with an emphasis on horses and small ruminants including camelids. He believes that all animals, even production animals, are part of a family and deserve the same quality and compassionate care. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys hanging out with his three daughters, Abby, Ayla, and Amber, and his wife Michelle. You will often find him camping, working on his jeep, or roping with his horse Raider.

Dr. Michelle Galbraith

Dr. Galbraith's Bio
Dr. Michelle graduated from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine where she met her husband Dustin. Her primary interests include small animal medicine and soft tissue surgery as well as client communication and human resources. Michelle believes that is not only important to treat patients, but also to provide knowledge, advice, and peace of mind to our clients. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys spending out with her three daughters, Abby, Ayla and Amber, and husband, Dustin, through outings to the pool, park, and zoo. She also enjoys practicing piano, photography, and riding her horse Dotty.

Dr. Gretchen Glose

Dr. Glose's Bio
Dr. Gretchen Glose graduated from Wisconsin State University and started working for Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2013. Her primary interests include mixed animal medicine with an emphasis on cows and herd management. In her spare time, Gretchen enjoys hiking, biking, and hanging out with her husband, Josiah, and dog, Ein.

Dr. Sally McNair

Dr. McNair's Bio
Dr. McNair graduated from the University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine. With over 30 years of practicing at Valley, Dr. McNair has developed a healthy interest in small animal soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. Sally believes that quality veterinary care should be easily accessible and affordable to clients. In her spare time, Dr. McNair enjoys driving with her Tennessee Walkers, and going on car tours with her husband, Kelley.

Dr. Ann Freeman

Dr. Freeman's Bio
Dr. Ann, who is originally from Connecticut, graduated from Iowa State University in 2019. Her primary interests include emergency medicine and equine internal medicine. In her spare time, Ann enjoys running and riding horses.

Dr. Lynn Taylor

Dr. Taylor's Bio
Dr. Taylor graduated from Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been practicing in the Northwest for over 30 years, and she has been a member of the Valley Vet Team for over 25 years. Her primary interests include small animal medicine and cytology. She believes in providing the best quality of care to all of her numerous patients and families. Outside of work, Dr. Taylor enjoys all things, French. She is married to a Veterinarian who now teaches at the Rainier High School.

Dr. Brendan Doiron

Dr. Doiron's Bio
Dr. Brendan who is originally from southern California graduated from Oregon State University in 2019. His primary interests include exotics and small mammals as well as the endless variety that veterinary medicine has to offer. In his spare time, Brendan enjoys hanging out with his pets and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Certified Veterinary Technicians:


Marie's Bio
Marie started working for Valley in 1992 as part-time help in the kennels. Through her training here, in 2003, she became a certified veterinary technician. Outside of work, Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and taking trips to the coast.


Cecelya's Bio
Cecelya is Valley Veterinary Clinic’s newest certified technician. Her favorite thing about working at Valley is seeing patients as babies and watching them grow throughout the years. In her spare time, Cecelya enjoys taking care of her animals ranging from birds and snakes to dogs and cats. She also enjoys kayaking.


Tango's Bio
Tango graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Sociology and Philosophy. She came to work for Valley in 1995 and received her Veterinary Technicians License in 1999. She particularly enjoys working with clients and their animals. Outside of work, Tango enjoys camping, walking her dogs, and cuddling with her cats.


Kelly's Bio
Kelly started working for Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2017 while finishing her degree at PCC in the veterinary technician program. Kelly enjoys large animal medicine, particularly horses, owning a few herself. In her spare time, Kelly gives riding lessons and enjoys spending time with her husband, horses, and dogs.

Technical Assistants:


Cindy's Bio
Cindy grew up in Clatskanie and now lives in Rainier Oregon. She graduated from LCC for veterinary assisting in 2009. Cindy enjoys the challenge of a fast-paced clinic and particularly enjoys caring for hospitalized patients. Outside of work, Cindy enjoys taking her dog, Leroy, on new adventures, going to movies, traveling, spending time with family, and relaxing at home during her downtime.


Brenda's Bio
Brenda joined the VVC team as an assistant in 2007. She enjoys helping all animals especially cats. If you have had your animal groomed here, chances are likely Brenda has accomplished that job providing excellent care for your patient. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys volunteering through the Vernonia Lions Club and cuddling with her cats, dogs, and horses at home.


Shania's Bio
Shania joined VVC as an assistant in May of 2017. While working here, Shania enjoys all aspects of her job, although her favorite thing is helping the doctors when they need assistance. In her free time, Shania enjoys going on adventures, taking random drives, horseback riding; and in the summertime, showing cattle.


Tanager's Bio
Tanager joined Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2018 as a small and large animal assistant. Tanager’s favorite thing about working at Valley is meeting new clients and their pets as well as learning new things. In her spare time, Tanager enjoys riding her horses especially team penning and reining.

Kennel Assistant:


Makenna's Bio
Makenna joined Valley in 2018 as a kennel assistant. She had previously shadowed while working with her mom, Shawna. She always makes sure that all our patients in the clinic feel welcomed and cared for. In her spare time, MaKenna enjoys horseback riding. Currently, MaKenna has aspirations of becoming a veterinarian and is completing her high school education in 2019.


Eimile's Bio
Eimile joined Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2018 as a kennel attendant. Eimile’s favorite thing about working at Valley is meeting all the new patients, especially large breed dogs. In her spare time, Eimile enjoys Olympic weightlifting and rugby.


Amanda's Bio
Amanda joined Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2018 as a kennel attendant. Amanda’s favorite thing about working at Valley is helping animals and her fellow co-workers. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys horseback riding and hiking.

Client Care Representatives:


Jessica's Bio
Jessica joined Valley in 2018 as a receptionist. You most likely will encounter her on the phone as one of our phone specialists. She appreciates seeing all the different types of animals that we treat here at Valley. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys doing all things craft related.


Shawna's Bio
Shawna graduated from LCC in 2012 with an associates in medical administrative support and a certificate of proficiency in veterinary assisting. Although she enjoys many aspects of her job, her favorite is caring for critical, and senior patients. She believes that all animals and clients deserve as much love and support as she would offer to her own. When she is not working, Shawna enjoys spending time with her best friend and husband as well as watching her six children and nine grandchildren laugh and enjoy themselves. In her down time, she enjoys watching her two horses graze in the field with her two dogs and three cats.


Kallie's Bio
Kalie has been with Valley Veterinary Clinic as a valued client for several years and recently became a customer service representative in 2018. Kalie enjoys all animals especially horses. In her spare time, Kalie enjoys barrel racing and reining.


Daryl's Bio
Daryl joined Valley in 2018 as a receptionist. He enjoys working with his co-workers and learning about veterinary medicine and the value that pets bring to people’s life. In his spare time, Daryl enjoys performing his pastoral duties, photography, and riding horses.


Loni's Bio
Loni joined Valley in 2019 as a receptionist. Loni’s favorite thing about working for Valley is seeing all the different animals that come in, especially puppies. In her spare time, Loni enjoys hanging out with her family and camping.


Shannon's Bio
Shannon joined Valley in 2017 as a receptionist. She enjoys participating in the client-patient experience and has great advice helping clients choose products that will best help their pets. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys all activities outdoors including rafting, horseback riding, and tube sports with her family.


Johnny's Bio
Johnny joined Valley in 2019 as a receptionist. Married to a veterinarian, Johnny enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, especially the satisfaction of resolving clients’ worries and concerns about their pets. In his spare time, Johnny enjoys performing gymnastics and cooking.

Valley Management:


Shelley's Bio
Shelly is Valley Veterinary Clinic’s newest practice manager. She originally started in the human health industry and has recently transferred to the animal side. Shelly’s favorite thing about working at Valley is seeing all the client’s pets as family members and learning about animal health in general. In her spare time, Shelly enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing with her dogs.


Tara's Bio

Tara has been with Valley Veterinary Clinic for over 20 years. She originally worked for Valley as a technician and quickly graduated to account manager and officially practice manager 5 years prior. Tara’s favorite thing about working at Valley is talking with clients; especially with those who have dachshunds or Pomeranian. In her spare time, Tara enjoys traveling and spending time with her grandson, James.  


Virginia's Bio
Virginia has worked for Valley Veterinary Clinic since she was in high school. Through her time here, she has been involved with every aspect of the clinic. Currently, she primarily supports Valley through managing our client care team and facility paperwork. In her spare time, Virginia enjoys camping with her husband and spending time with her grandchildren.


Roberta's Bio
Roberta started working for Valley Veterinary Clinic as a certified veterinary technician. After several years of performing multiple tasks, Roberta (known to most as Bert), became our ordering connoisseur for the clinic. These days, you can rely of Bert to quickly stock, locate, and order any form of medication, equipment, or supply for any patient in need. In her spare time, Bert enjoys clam digging at the coast with her dog Margarita, and spending time with her three children and numerous grandchildren.


Cheryl's Bio
Cheryl joined the VVC team in 2016 after her husband retired from the US Navy and returned home. As our human resource manager, Cheryl performs a variety of tasks from receptionist to a resource for our team members. She loves helping our staff and clients and most of all our patients. She enjoys the diversity seen here at Valley. In her off time, she enjoys riding her horse, quad, camping and playing with her granddaughter.
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