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Compassionate veterinary care since 1973.

Valley Veterinary Clinic was established in 1973 as a two doctor mixed animal veterinary hospital with the guiding principle to provide families with the very best in veterinary resources for all of their animals, large or small. For the past 40 years, Valley Veterinary Clinic has remained at the forefront of the veterinary community by providing highly skilled doctors with the latest medical equipment, offering a wide array of business hours and emergency after hours, and continuing to provide clients with affordable, quality, veterinary care. We believe that all clients should have dependable and affordable access to veterinary care for their animals.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Dustin Galbraith

Dr. Galbraith's Bio

Dr. Dustin Galbraith has worked at the clinic for 10 years; he and his wife purchased the clinic from the late Dr. Plummer in 2018. Dr. Dustin is most proud of his veterinary degree from OSU and the family he has created. He is always happy at work to better educate clients on misconceptions, teach them about new and advancing medicine, and make sure they leave understanding the information we have given them about their pets. Dr. Dustin’s favorite animals to see are horses. He very much enjoys his time at home building new things, and getting to explore places he has previously never been to. Dr. Dustin, behind the scenes, has been the star of the show with our remodel plans, which have upgraded the clinic tremendously and have plans to continue the upgrades. Fun fact, if he could have the opportunity to go to space, he would.

Dr. Michelle Galbraith

Dr. Galbraith's Bio

Dr. Michelle Galbraith has been with Valley Veterinary Clinic since 2012. She and her husband purchased the clinic in 2018. Dr. Michelle’s greatest accomplishments are her 3 girls, owning a business and the staff that she has helped to build and their happiness within the clinic. Her favorite type of patient to see are cats. One of Dr. Michelle’s greatest talents is the skill set she has mastered when it comes to performing spay surgeries or surgies in general. She wishes she could live at Disney and travel to all of the Disney parks around the world. Her favorite Disney character is Tiana for her work ethic to reach her dreams and her ability to be a single, successful woman. Michelle is a multitasker and can take on many roles during her day at the clinic. But one thing she always needs is her morning coffee.

Dr. Gretchen Glose

Dr. Glose's Bio

Dr. Gretchen Glose has been at the clinic since 2013. She grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. She lived in Utah before making her way to Oregon. Her favorite part of work is getting to banter with Kelley throughout her days. If we had a talent show, she would surprise everyone with her secret ninja skills. The thing is, we all have seemed to miss them in our years of working with Gretchen. She enjoys reading, creating arts and crafts for the clinic, and riding her horse. Gretchen has several animals at home, including two dogs, one cat, two chickens, one horse, and one hermit crab. Gretchen would be the happiest with a lifetime supply of potatoes.

Dr. Sally McNair

Dr. McNair's Bio
Dr. Sally McNair has been with Valley Veterinary Clinic for over 30 years. She is not quite in retirement but is only at the clinic on occasion. Her time is spent at home gardening, and riding her horses. Dr. McNair graduated from the University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine. Her favorite part about being a Veterinarian is getting to perform surgeries, she also enjoys soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Sally raised 4 boys with her late husband Kelley, and enjoys spending time with all of her grandchildren. If you see someone speeding around through the clinic it is likely Sally who staff jokes must never sit still.

Dr. Lynn Taylor

Dr. Taylor's Bio

Dr. Lynn Taylor has been at the clinic since 1988, working with our original owner, Julie, after selling her own practice and moving to the area. Her husband also has a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine but currently does not practice. Lynn has two adult sons and currently one sweet grandbaby and is proud of the foreign exchange students she has housed throughout the years. One item she could never live without is specifically dark chocolate. One of her proudest accomplishments is her quilts and her painted mural on the shed outside of her home. Her favorite part about her job is spaying dogs and cats. In another life, Lynn believes she was a librarian. Three words Lynn uses to describe herself are; spiritual, loyal, and hungry. Having an endless supply of anything in the world, Lynn would choose to have marionberries.

Dr. Brendan Doiron

Dr. Doiron's Bio

Dr. Brendan Doiron has worked at the clinic for almost five years after graduating from Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine in Corvallis, OR. Brendan currently has one cat, and once he has more time I’m sure a Brittany is in his future. Brendan grew up in California, moved here for school, and we managed to keep him around by tempting him with our mixed practice adventures. When not at work he is happiest playing Magic the Gathering or being a very creative dungeon master in Dungeons and Dragons with other staff members. His favorite place to go is Mox Boarding house in Portland. Brendan brings a high level of attention to detail to all of his cases. He is particularly talented with working up complicated cases and relaying information to owners. Brendan has a very calm demeanor in high stress situations that comforts clients and patients alike. Three words to describe Brendan are thoughtful, patient, and caring. He enjoys listening to alternative rock, but is more of a podcast junkie.

Dr Holden Goetzinger

Dr. Goetzinger's Bio
Dr. Holden Goetzinger has been at the clinic now for a little over a year. Dr. Holden graduated from Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University. Holden grew up in King Valley, Oregon, and as an Oregon native was excited to finish school and stay in an area he knew fondly. He thrives in shady and moisture filled environments, so Oregon is clearly perfect. Dr. Holden has two cats at home, Luther and Cali, and one gelding, Stormy. His favorite part of being a Veterinarian is getting to work with ruminants and camelids. In his life, Holden is most proud of creating the life he has always desired but never thought possible. His plans for the future are to continue to learn and grow his skillset as a new Dr. and continue to grow with our team.

Certified Veterinary Technicians:


Kelley's Bio

Kelley is our resident superhero at the clinic. She is one of the most knowledgeable staff we have, with veterinary medicine as well as with communications throughout the clinic and with clients. Kelley has 12 animals at home with a combination of horses, goats, dogs, cats, and one rabbit. Kelley enjoys watching soccer and discussing the games with Dr. Taylor. One of her greatest assets to the clinic is her availability. In her spare time that’s not spent with her animals at home or husband, Kelley is an avid writer. She enjoys listening to alternative music and would be happy with a lifetime supply of bread and chocolate. Kelley’s favorite part of the clinic is getting to work with large animals. In another life Kelley believes she was a guru.


Marie's Bio
Marie has been working for the clinic for over 30 years! Marie is most proud of some serious accomplishments like becoming a wife and homeowner, being a veterinary technician, and watching the staff she has helped train save lives. Marie grew up in Mist, OR and never really made it too far without missing the area. On her time away she enjoys taking long distance bike rides, and going to the beach. Marie is another clinic member who could not live without coffee. At the clinic Marie loves getting to see her fellow coworkers pulling together to work as a team and getting to be a part of it all. One of Marie’s greatest skills she has learned during all her time here, is that the patient is her boss. Marie is always dependable and a true asset to the clinic.


Tango's Bio
Tango has been at the clinic for over 10 years now and her favorite part of her job is whatever she ends up doing that day. You can find Tango in rooms, working on dental cleansing or surgery as is a licensed technician. Tango is a mom of 4 adult kids. She loves to spend her time outside of work camping, and spending time with her family and animals. You can find her every day during summer at lunch sitting in a chair outside enjoying the sun and reading a book. If she could travel anywhere she would pick Australia. Tango believes she was a cat in her past life, and she would choose to be a cat again if possible. Her favorite character is Roadrunner since he always manages to outsmart Wile E Coyote.


Ashley's Bio

Ashley has been at the clinic for 4 years, you may have missed her for a good amount of time because she was going to PCC for her Veterinary Technician license. Ashley has two dogs at home as well as two lizards. Ashley also just got married this past year to her longtime partner since kindergarten. Her favorite dogs to see in appointments are Golden Retrievers and Pitbulls (even though at home she has a Husky, and Lab/Golden mix). Ashley is an avid Harry Potter fan, who tells us she would have previously been in the Gryffindor house, but has now moved to Slytherin. Does this mean she’s a bad apple now? Ashley would be overjoyed with a lifetime supply of sushi, you can find the Doordash delivery driver dropping off this meal at the clinic at least once weekly. She loves coming to work because of her coworkers, but would rather spend time in Hawaii if at all possible.



Kristin's Bio

Kristin has not been with the clinic long but came to the clinic looking for work with not only a CVT licensing as a technician but also a Bachelors in Business Management. Her farm at home contains dogs, barn cats, goats, sheep, and chickens. Kristin’s favorite part of her job is the knowledge she gains every shift at the clinic. She says she belongs in the Gryffindor house and if given a chance to go to outer space, she would not go. You may find Kristin throughout the clinic giving surveys and taking feedback for improvements or the clinic’s next project.

Technical Assistants:


Shania's Bio

Shania has worked at the clinic for longer than most of the team and longer than a handful of doctors. Shania’s favorite type of pets to see are Australian Shepherds, she has two crazy balls of fur at home herself. Her favorite task of the day is performing blood draws, from her experience Shania is our go to for the tricky blood draws in the clinic. The greatest skill she believes she brings to the clinic is her blood draws and catheter placements, we clearly agree. When not at work you can find Shania hunting, fishing, gardening, camping or just being outside in nature. She also travels during hunting season to Idaho. You can also find her traveling around to find concerts to see Kip Moore or Kane Brown.


Loni's Bio

Loni has worked for the clinic for the last 5 years. She started out as a reception team member, moving to the reception lead. Recently, she chose to start in our Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program and resigned as lead receptionist to become a Veterinary Assistant. Loni recently accepted the position of being our Director of Marketing for the clinic as well as manages our social media accounts. She is most proud of her accomplishments and moving up in her job, being dependable that she has been offered new advancements and the knowledge she has gained while working here as well as starting school. Loni has two dogs, two cats, and a rabbit at home. She is a fan of German Shepherds and alternative music. She enjoys spending her time outside of work with her kids and traveling. Her favorite place to visit is Glacier National Park in Montana. Loni is a Green Bay Packers fan. If Loni could be an animal she would choose to be a Giraffe.


Caitlin's Bio
Caitlin joined Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2020 as a kennel assistant. Her favorite thing about working at Valley is all the puppy cuddles she gets to have. In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys hunting, playing with her puppy, and welding.


Tabby's Bio

Tabby has worked at the clinic for several years as well.. She grew up in St. Helens, OR, and continued to stay in the area. Tabby is most proud of the fact she recently purchased a house, has trained her dog and horse, and is going to school to be a Veterinary Technician. Tabby has joined our Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program through the clinic. Her favorite part about her job is helping patients get back to their families. When not at work you can find Tabby spending time with her partner Tanner, training her horse Shasta or her dog Army, and line dancing. Tabby describes herself as artistic, willing, and smart and we couldn’t disagree with one of those. Her favorite animal is a snow fox. Tabby is an asset to our clinic.


Bailey's Bio

Bailey has been at the clinic now for 2 years. Bailey is originally from the Vancouver, WA area and is currently commuting for some shifts here while living in Portland OR. She has decided to go back to school and further her education and cross our fingers, to become a Veterinarian. Bailey’s favorite part about working for Valley Veterinary Clinic is getting to work here with all of her friends and the bond she has created with her coworkers. Bailey brings to the table a funny demeanor and attitude and can perform some awesome blood draws. Her favorite Disney character is Ariel, and if she could have endless amounts of anything in the world it would be dog food to feed her dane puppy Elvis and his big brother Cooper.



Cody's Bio

Cody has been with the clinic for the last few years now, and came to us from Reno NV. Cody previously worked for an animal shelter so he came with a lot of animal handling skills, friendly and not. Cody has one cat at home and is happy with just him. Cody’s favorite part of his job would be his coworkers and the enjoyment and silliness that they bring. One of Cody’s greatest skills he brings to the clinic would be his ability to read animals and their feelings and adjust his body language and motions as he sees fit. Comfort to the animals in the clinic is never short with him around.



Tyler's Bio

Tyler has worked for the clinic for less than a year but has proven to fit in with the rest of our team right away, including joining in on the staff D&D and MTG groups. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys gaming, and taking care of his farm animals. Tyler has cows, chickens, dogs, and goats at home. He also maintains 5 beehives and brings the rest of the staff some fresh local honey each year. If Tyler could be any animal, he would choose to be a wolf. And if he could have one superpower, it would be teleporting. He is most proud of his 6-year sobriety, which is a huge accomplishment and makes our team very proud of him as well. Tyler uses the laughing emoji the most, which makes sense, he is a pretty funny guy. His favorite thing about working in vet med, is getting to see the animals improve.



Nathan's Bio
Nathan has not worked at the clinic for long, but did come to us originally for a shadow position while in school for Veterinary Assisting. Nathan grew up as a military brat moving around to many places, and then himself joined the Armed Forces. He loves getting to see all the pets, and enjoys getting to meet all of the clients. Nathan is very clearly a people person, and can strike up a conversation with any and every one. Nathan is happiest doing anything outdoors. He believes his greatest skill he brings to the clinic is his help with lifting heavy things, and he’s not necessarily wrong. Nathan’s favorite Disney character is Fa Zhou, Mulan’s father due to his teaching his daughter the value of doing what is right, no matter what.

Kat (Katrina)

Kat's Bio

Kat has been working at the clinic for close to a year. She was around before being hired while working on her technician school and putting in hours to her certification. Kat is at the end leg of her licensing and we can’t wait to have her as another technician at the clinic. Kat has 4 children, including one set of triplets. Her house is full of kids, horses, cats, birds, goats and dogs. She also raises and breeds both Nigerian Dwarf goats as well as Dutch Shepherds. Kat’s kids are always involved in sports and theater, meaning they are a very busy family. One thing Kat couldn’t live without is white coffee.



Rebekah's Bio

Rebekah has been a great asset to our team, coming to start at the clinic from working previously in veterinary medicine, as well as her involvement with the Cowlitz County Humane Society. Her favorite part in all her workings would be baby animals/ neonatal and blood draws. When not at work, you can find Rebekah watching crime shows with her animals. Rebekah is interested in starting school to be a technician and has hopes to start that in the next year through the clinic technician program. One of her greatest skills in the clinic is taking medical information and relaying the information in an easier to understand way. Rebekah also enjoys spending her time camping at Mt. Adams.



Emma's Bio

Emma (Gracie) has been with our team for a few years now. Emma has grown up in the Longview area and is very knowledgeable about horses. She currently has two cats, one horse, an axolotl, and 4 betas. Fish tanks are also a great passion of Emmas. In another life, she believes she was an astronaut but also received a Nobel Peace Prize. Her favorite part about working at Valley Vet is helping people help their furry friends. Emma has been working on learning how to competitive rope and is hoping to enter an event next year. She enjoys riding horses in her time away from work and helping kids and her family while working for Strides Horsemanship. She has always wanted to take a trip to Alaska. Emma is a dependable employee, always willing to take on more work to help out. The final secret shared, is Emma could not live without her Revlon Roundbrush dryer, which makes sense why her hair looks so great everyday.

Kennel Assistants:



Avery's Bio
Avery is our kennel assistant and has worked for Valley Veterinary Clinic for the last almost year. Avery is most proud of finding a career she loves being a part of and her ability and
continued education in dog training. She has also grown up in the area being in St. Helens, Oregon. At home she has a dachshund named Ash, and a leopard gecko named Jesse. Avery’s favorite part of her job is getting to snuggle sleepy cats after their procedures. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her pets and playing video games. One thing she could not live without and would gladly take a lifetime supply of would be energy drinks. Her favorite Disney character is Turbo, but if she could be any animal it would be a frog.


Courtney's Bio

Bio coming soon



Briana's Bio
Briana is one of our newest employees working in kennels. She is most proud in her life of the person she is and the life she is proving for her children. She is a mom of three, two boys and one daughter. Briana grew up in the Sherwood, Oregon area. Briana already loves everything about her job and getting to work for Valley Veterinary Clinic. If given the opportunity she would travel to space. She has several pets at home including two dogs, one cat, one snake, and one frog. Briana is also a football fan, and roots for the Denver Broncos. Getting to see and help all of our patients is her favorite. Briana is just getting started in her career with our team.

Client Care Representatives:



Rikki's Bio

Rikki has worked for Valley Veterinary Clinic for a few years and has most recently been promoted to the Lead Receptionist. Her favorite patient would have to be Beagles, she has two at home and is, nicely put, a fanatic. The best part of her days at work is getting to listen to Dr. Gretchen’s jokes and random rambles. When not at work, Rikki enjoys fishing, gardening, and rock hounding. Herself and her partner are always on new adventures in the woods. Rikki is a classic rock kind of lady mixed with country music. And apparently, she would be happy with a lifetime supply of nacho cheese.  We shouldn’t be so surprised as she’s one of our resident snack ladies and food is clearly her love language. Rikki has taken on many tasks all with a smile on her face.


Tillie's Bio
Scintillia (known at the clinic by Tillie) has worked here for almost 5 years! Tillie has two cats at home, Milo and Ace and would love to have a Husky at some time in her adult life. She enjoys playing Magic the Gathering with her coworkers in her spare time, and also plays in competition. She also enjoys playing DND in her spare time as well. If Tillie belonged to a Hogwarts house she would be in Slytherin. Her favorite part of working for Valley Vet is getting to help all the clients and finding solutions to the issues at hand. Tillie’s favorite musician is Noah Cyrus and you can find in the early morning hours, or late at night singing away throughout the clinic.


Bridget's Bio

Bridget has been with the clinic for the last few years, starting from working very part-time to help reception with their filing, pulling charts, and setting up surgery paperwork, to being trained as a full-time receptionist and even learning how to work as a kennel assistant and help start appointments. Bridget has come a long way with her knowledge in the field, and the strengths she brings to the clinic. Bridget prefers the younger animals both puppies and kittens in the clinic; who doesn’t though? Bridget is a typical teen who loves to sleep in her spare time. If she could be any animal she would turn into a dragon. She enjoys listening to all kinds of music and occasionally plays golf.



Melissa's Bio
Melissa is one of our senior receptionists. She recently took some time away from the clinic to have her daughter. Melissa has one dog and two cats at home. She grew up in St. Helens area and chose to stay local. Melissa enjoys watching Oregon Ducks football and the Eagles. Her special talent is crafting, during the holidays you can find her at bazaars selling her crafts. Melissa’s goals for the next year are to purchase their first home, and enjoy watching her baby grow and learn. She enjoys getting to see the puppies and kittens throughout the clinic. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, fishing and hunting.


Rae's Bio
Rae has been at the clinic less than a year, but brings her previous work experiences in strong with her natural professionalism and ability to talk to all. Rae is a mother of three, two boys and one daughter. Rae grew up in Dutch Harbor, Arkansas and Ground Mound, Washington. Some of her most proud accomplishments include being a business owner, and her family. Currently in her household she has two dogs, five goats, and one pony, but houses many other animals as she runs a boarding facility called The Blue Hound. In another life Rae believes she was a rally car driver. She also can sing opera, which comes to no surprise as you can always find her around the clinic singing, or humming melodies. Her favorite Disney character is Esmeralda, for her free spirit and commitment to goodness.


Tracy's Bio

Tracy is with us mainly during the summertime time, as her other job is as a school receptionist. She loves both of her jobs and spending her off time with us. Tracy is madly in love with her two dogs at home and her adorable cat. In her spare time, Tracy is always on adventures with friends and spending her time fishing with her husband, Mike. She competes in corn hole tournaments very regularly. You can find Tracy with her granddaughter in tow most days, being the best of friends.



Jaedyn's Bio
Jaedyn has been with the clinic for over a year now, and her interest in veterinary medicine continues to grow every day. Jaedyn has lived in Rainier her entire life and knows the area better than most. When there are road closures we call her for the back road directions. Her knowledge of not only the area but the people within the community brings us closer to the people and animals we care about most. Jaedyn’s favorite animals to see are horses and cats. She is a mom to a very sweet and spunky little girl who keeps her on her toes. Jaedyn also has a small hobby farm at home with dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and one horse. She would not survive without Redbull, but could survive without pineapple on pizza. Jaedyn is a swiftie. Her favorite Disney character is Rapunzle as she fights for what she wants.


Liz's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Valley Management:


Roberta's Bio
Roberta has been working at the clinic since 1978 working in several different positions including a licensed technician. Most around the clinic know her as “Bert” and she is still working helping us with ordering as well as our relationships with pharmaceutical representatives. Roberta has a crazy German Shorthair Pointer named Margarita who keeps her more than busy. In her spare time she enjoys clam digging and traveling, and spending time with her family.


Cheryl's Bio

Cheryl is our clinic Practice Manager and has worked at the clinic for 7 years. Cheryl started learning about veterinary medicine from our original owner, Dr. Plumber. There is yet to be a position around the clinic that Cheryl hasn’t done, whether with us or her other workplaces throughout her career. Her favorite part about her job is the team she gets to manage. Specifically, it was stated that “they rock”. Several times a year you can find Cheryl on a quad at the dunes, or camping as much as she can get in during the summer months. Cheryl was able to live in Australia for a few years so it’s fitting her favorite animal would be a wombat. At home, she has two dogs, one cat and one horse. Cheryl’s husband also competes in drag racing events, so you can find them at the track many weekends. We at the clinic are grateful for all the wonderful things Cheryl does for us, like buying candy and bagels, and being available for venting if needed.


Treana's Bio
Treana joined Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2020 as our new office manager. Treana’s favorite thing about working at Valley is being able to help all types of animals. In her spare time, Treana enjoys hanging with her family, riding horses, and playing with her pet donkeys.
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