During the past year and a half, when the world was working remotely, your pet was probably your favorite coworker! As things are gradually changing again, this might not be the case for much longer. Fortunately, June 25th is Take Your Dog to Work Day, so you might be able to work with your pet again! Before you bring your furry coworker to the office, here are a few ways to prepare them! 

#1: Evaluate your pet’s personality 

Truthfully consider whether your pet has the right personality to be a good fit for office life. Some dogs bark at the smallest sound, while others become an anxious wreck around strangers. If your dog is calm, cool, and collected in unusual places with strange people and sounds, they’ll likely relax in your cubicle and be the perfect companion. Brush up on obedience commands, like “Sit,” “Down,” and “Stay,” to help your pooch win “Employee of the Month.” Who knows, if your canine companion is a shining coworker example, every day may end up Take Your Dog to Work Day.

#2: Ensure your pet is current on vaccinations and parasite prevention

Sick coworkers are shunned and should stay home. Ensure your dog is current on vaccinations and parasite prevention so they cannot transmit zoonotic diseases or parasites to your two-legged coworkers. Bringing fleas into the workplace may end up in your permanent record, so keep your pooch on regular preventives.

#3: Pack your pet’s supplies

Bored coworkers disrupt the entire office, and no work gets accomplished. Pack plenty of toys, long-lasting treats, and food puzzles to keep your dog occupied while you work, and bring their bed so they can curl up and relax. If possible, take your dog for a brisk walk during your lunch break to help tire them out and prevent overexcitement when you go back to work. And, don’t forget to pack waste bags to ensure your pet is a clean and tidy coworker.

Before taking your pet to work, be sure to contact our team to schedule their wellness visit! We want your pet to be healthy and ready to get to work!