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Trash Can Dangers For Your Pets

Pet owners often go to great lengths to feed dogs and cats healthy foods. But despite a proper portion size and the right food choice, many pets still enjoy digging through the trash for extra morsels. Whether pets are acting out of boredom or are simply scavaging for...

Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, you know how irritating (in more ways than one!) the symptoms can be. But we aren’t the only species than can experience the wide array of unpleasant reactions to various allergens; our pets can suffer many of those same...

5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy this Spring

April showers bring May flowers - and some potential health hazards for our pets. As winter fades, you should keep in mind some potential pet health dangers that come along with the warmer temperatures. Here are five great ways to keep your pets healthy and happy this...

Team Tuesday: Get to Know Tara Bamburg

There have been some big changes at VVC over the past year or so. I know some long-time clients have been having trouble keeping track of all the new staff and let me tell you, so have we! In an effort to get to know our staff, new and… not as new, I’ll be...

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day! I know, some of you are thinking how this is a “holiday” invented by the corporations to sell cards and candy and all the things that President’s Day is not very good at marketing. I would rather get a heart-shaped box of candy over a...

Holding On While Moving On

I’m not going to lie. It has been a rough couple of months for the staff at Valley Vet Clinic. Several staffers had to say goodbye to their beloved pets- including myself. It doesn’t seem to matter if you see in on the horizon or it crashes into you like...

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