3 Ways to Celebrate Your Love for Cats


December is dedicated to cats as National Cat Lovers Month! Although your feline friend likely demands a celebration every month of the year, this month is extra special. Commemorate the bond you share with your furry companion with the following celebrations for enigmatic felines and the relationships we share.


#1: Immortalize your cat 

While your beloved cat will forever leave a pawprint on your heart, you can immortalize them in many other ways. Commission a beautiful painting by a pet artist, design a blanket studded with your cat’s picture, or create a scrapbook of your cherished memories together. If you are brave and want a permanent piece of your cat with you always, consider a custom-designed tattoo depicting your feline friend. 


#2: Visit a cat cafe

Not many places that you can visit—outside of animal shelters—are inhabited by cats. Pet-friendly bars and restaurants may have a cat winding among the tables, searching for tidbits, but a cat cafe is a better place to cozy up to a clowder of cats for the afternoon. These unique businesses house a mix of the owner’s cats and homeless felines looking for their forever family, and they’re a wonderful place to evaluate the personality of a potential new family addition.


#3: Share your love for cats with felines in need

Your cat at home is fortunate to share their life with you, but spread the love and share your attention with cats in need. People often think about giving back to their community and helping the less-fortunate in December, and what better way to celebrate National Cat Lovers Month than by catering to the needs of homeless cats? Spend time volunteering at an animal shelter, cleaning, feeding, brushing, and socializing with the special kitties waiting for their new families. 


Honor your feline friend in the manner they deserve during National Cat Lovers Month by scheduling their wellness visit to keep them in tip-top shape. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.